Au fil des contes: Voyages dans les pays celtes

Name of traveller

Samuel Allo

Reason for travel

  • cultural tourist visiting Celtic countries and collecting tales and traditions
  • en route from Isle of Man

Date of travel

November 2005

Lorsque je chante la chanson des korrigans "dilun dimeurzh dimerec’h...", ils [les élèves] me regardent tous avec de grands yeux étonnés . . .. Ils ont compris les jours de la semaine dans la chanson. . . . Ma joie est intense. Le breton est donc plus qu’une langue régionale et peut permettre à deux personnes de pays différents de communiquer, de se comprendre. Les élèves me chantent une belle mélodie du Pays de Galles. Le moment est beau. (Allo 50-1)


  • customs: desire to meet with a famous harpist in west Wales, but the harpist is too busy to receive him
  • language:
    • visits a Welsh-medium school along the Anglo-Welsh border
    • impressed by anglophone parents' commitment to Welsh-language education for their children
    • comments on increasingly complicated place names the further west he travels
    • talks to secondary school pupils in Machynlleth and meets with a Breton teacher from Cléguérec
    • Welsh pupils are amazed and delighted when they understand some lyrics in a Breton song; pupils sing a Welsh song in return
  • literature:
    • account contains the legend attached to Beddgelert as told by a school librarian in Machynlleth
    • school children in Taliesin proudly tell the story of the bard Taliesin
    • references to the Mabinogion
  • people: contains a number of character studies and sketches of the people he meets during the journey
  • politics: complimentary about the political decision in Wales to teach Welsh in all schools as the best way to save the language
  • recreation:
    • sees himself as modern travelling troubadour, therefore has made resolution not to pay for accommodation or travel, apart from ferries
    • allowed by a farmer to sleep in a cold prefabricated building; is allowed to borrow a heater and is given breakfast
    • is allowed to sleep in a cold storeroom in Cardiff; the owner of the place makes anti-Islamic comment
  • terrain:
    • relatively imprecise descriptions about some of his travel locations
    • travels in bitterly cold weather
  • transport: travels on foot and as hitchhiker

Nationality of traveller

Breton, French

Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

collection of stories; travelogue


Allo, Samuel. Au fil des contes: Voyages dans les pays celtes. Saint Brieuc [Breizh]: Imprimerie Jacq, 2014. Print.