Auf großer Fahrt

Name of traveller

Eugenie Rosenberger (1838-1931), Georg "Jürgen" Rosenberger (1848-1902) and dog Mohr

Reason for travel

  • following her husband on board the trade ship Regulus

Date of travel

25 November to 16 December 1894

[W]ir wollten uns inzwischen Manorbier Castle ansehen und gingen den bezeichneten Weg entlang, blieben aber wie elektrisiert stellen [sic], als wir es liegen sahen, eine schöne, alte, ganz von Efeu überzogene Burg . . .. Wir gingen über die Zugbrücke, klopften und mußten unsere Namen in das Fremdenbuch schreiben. (Rosenberger 168).


  • agriculture:
    • rural character in the area immediately outside Milfordhaven
    • life stock kept in the fields in late autumn
  • architecture: enjoys the diminutive character of town architecture in Milfordhaven
  • clothing:
    • woollen goods, such as socks, described as a special product of Pembrokeshire
    • country fashion nowhere to be observed around Haverfordwest
  • customs:
    • description of interior decorations typically found in cottages
    • description of the products on offer in the different market halls of Haverfordwest
  • diet:
    • restocking provisions on board the ship with fresh local produce sold in Milfordhaven
    • a number of references to the types of food offered at various inns and tea rooms
  • people:
    • husband Georg "Jürgen" Rosenberger (1848-1902) identified as the captain of the sail boat and international trading vessel Regulus
    • character sketches of people from Milfordhaven and surroundings
    • strikes up acquaintance with a trader from Milfordhaven, Mr Kelway, and his widowed mother
  • recreation:
    • goes on a number of excursions on foot around Milfordhaven together with her husband and the dog
    • exploration of Haverfordwest Castle and the privately owned Manorbier Castle
  • terrain:
    • conflation of Wales and England
    • geographical particularities of Milfordhaven harbour and layout of the town
    • Milfordhaven which appears as if from an English children's book
    • likens Haverfordwest to Freiburg in Germany and compares it to the hilly towns of Thuringia
    • romanticised descriptions of the south Wales towns, coastline and landscapes
  • transport:
    • modes of travel: on foot; sail boat
    • descriptions of harbours along the coast of south Wales, their infrastructure and typical sounds, such as horn signals
    • reference to a wrecking accident during a winter storm and the following rescue mission undertaken by local authorities in Milfordhaven
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

edited letters


Rosenberger, Eugenie. Auf großer Fahrt: Tagebücher einer Kapitänsfrau aus der großen Zeit der Segelschiffahrt. 1899. Minden: Wilhelm Köhler, 1929. Print.