"Aus dem Land der Barden und Druiden"

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  • leisurely travel; holidaying

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early summer 1914

Frische sonnengebräunte Mädchen, prächtige Freiluftgeschöpfe, führen hier ein allem Anschein nach sehr fröhliches akademisches Dasein, ehe sie nach wohlbestandenem Examen als Lehrerinnen, Aerztinnen oder dergleichen ins Philisterium einziehen, oder, ??-- was auch hier als das wünschenswertere gilt -- dem Manne ihrer Wahl folgen, mit oder ohne akademischen Grad. (Anonymous 1)


  • architecture: sketches the architectural features of the Old College and the National Library of Wales
  • customs:
    • mention of the public, festive announcement in Aberystwyth for the next National Eisteddfod a year later
    • notes on the characteristics of the National Eisteddfod, particularities of the Gorsedd, the ceremonial sword, festive procedures and broad range of competition categories
    • successful preservation of distinctly Welsh culture has made political autonomy from England redundant
    • cultural revival and establishment of a university in Wales are rooted in the religious revival and Nonconformity dating back to the eighteenth century
    • notes the establishment of the National Library with the help of private donations
    • participation in cultural events across all sections of Welsh society
  • history:
    • mention of a long history of antipathy between the Welsh and the English
    • sketch of the historical origins of eisteddfodau and the establishment of the National Eisteddfod Association in the nineteenth century
  • language:
    • reference to the Welsh language as the native language of the country
    • prints the "Druid's Prayer" in Welsh and adds a German translation
    • the strange sounds of the Welsh language are softened by accompanying music
  • people:
    • description of female students in Aberystwyth
    • Welsh people differ in their physiognomy decidedly from the English
  • politics:
    • mention of David Lloyd George (1863-1945) as divisive political figure
    • sees a complete political amalgamation between Wales and England in contrast to Ireland
  • recreation:
    • reference to the hotels and souvenir shops in town
    • on Saturdays tea shops and restaurants are often frequented by visitors from the surrounding areas
    • calm and uneventful atmosphere in town is ideal for relaxation
  • terrain:
    • conflation of Wales and England
    • identifies Aberystwyth as a rare example of being a seaside resort and university town at the same time
    • romanticised description of Cardigan Bay and the surrounding landscapes; comparison with a beautiful garden
    • description of the town layout of Aberystwyth
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Anonymous. "Aus dem Land der Barden und Druiden." Rigasche Rundschau (20 Aug. 1914): 1-2. Print.