"Bericht über den internationalen Zivildienst 1932 in Wales"

Name of traveller

C. K.

Reason for travel

  • volunteering as part of the Quaker-led "Brynmawr Experiment"

Date of travel

two journeys in 1931 and 1932

Was wir [in Brynmar] alles Liebes von den guten, freundlichen Menschen erfahren durften, wie manche Tasse Tee, wie manches Stück Kuchen sie uns schenkten -- und was für Freundschaften fürs Leben da geschlossen wurden -- das sind alles Dinge, die man nur erleben, nicht erzählen kann. (K. 79)


  • customs:
    • participates with other international volunteers in the "Brynmawr Experiment", a Quaker-led rejuvination project for struggling industrial communities in south Wales
    • female volunteers take care of the domestic duties which is a hallmark of the Quakers' work and stands in strong opposition to military service
    • enjoys attending small events organised by the local population which include singing, recitation, public discussions and lectures
  • diet: enjoys cooking for the volunteers, but the basic equipment makes kitchen management very difficult and the work is strenuous
  • industry:
    • describes the stifling effects of widespread unemployment on the population of the industrial towns in the south Wales valleys
    • the Quaker project successfully establish a new factory for the production of furniture, shoes and fabric in Brynmawr
    • former industrial workers and young people find new employment in this factory
    • visits a small local mine and is intrigued by the dangerous work underground
  • people: local people provide accommodation for the volunteers
  • politics: the local communists object to the work untertaken by the Quakers
  • recreation:
    • the Quaker project has succeeded in opening a community-built out-door pool within a year; the construction was initiated after receiving a considerable donation of money from Lagarde, a village in the south of France
    • enjoys relaxing on Sunday in the grounds of the newly opened out-door pool
  • terrain:
    • feels at home in Brynmawr
    • describes the construction of a new public road and ornamental gardens by local and international volunteers
    • finds the valley leading from Brynmawr to Clydach very romantic
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Type of publication

essay; report


K., C. "Bericht über den internationalen Zivildienst 1932 in Wales." Schweizerische Lehrerinnenzeitung 37.5 (1932-1933): 77-80. Print.