"Bilder aus Wales"

Name of traveller

Karl Blind (1826-1907), Friederike Blind (b. 1819) and their children

Reason for travel

  • holidaying, leisurely travel while living in exile in London

Date of travel

summer 1862

Der Snowdon ist ein komischer Kauz. Sonnenschein unten trügt meistens den Wanderer beim Anlangen auf der Höhe. ([Blind] 3)


  • agriculture: stallions are frequently named "John Jones" and mares "Jenny Jones"
  • industry:
    • frequently hears reverberations of blasting work carried out in the slate quarries near Llanberis
    • a few notes on slate mining in Llanberis
    • industry identified as the enemy of poetic feeling
  • language:
    • commentary on Welsh nicknames, the complexity of Welsh personal names and their simple English counter-parts
    • florid character of the Welsh language
    • comparison of Welsh with indigenous languages of North America
  • people: travels together with his wife Friederike Blind (b. 1819) and their children
  • recreation:
    • ascent of Snowdon with the help of an English-speaking tour guide, a Welsh speaking boy and a hired pony for the children
    • expensive snacks offered in the wooden huts on the summit of Snowdon
  • terrain:
    • landscape of Snowdonia identified as the home of the legendary Merlin; magical character of the mountains
    • rapidly changing weather during the ascent of Snowdon
    • detailed, romanticised description of the landscape features seen during ascent of Snowdon from Llanberis; view from the summit reaches as far as the Isle of Man and Ireland
  • compare with a later edited and republished version about the same journey
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller

Male, Female

Type of publication

essay; travelogue


[Blind, Karl]. "Bilder aus Wales." Neue Freie Presse (2 June 1865): 2-4. Print.