"Blaenau Ffestiniog: Cymru/ Pays de Galles, 1993, 1997"

Name of traveller

*Annaig Renault (1946-2012)

Date of travel

two journeys in 1993 and 1997

Aze emañ ar vengleuz, mengleuz mein-glas, kof an douar digor hiziv da douristed bavet hag a glaskan tec’hout diouto. (Renault 64)


  • customs: references to Sunday worship
  • industry: ponders the post-industrial landscape and the past suffering of workers
  • literature: interested in Welsh songs and poetry
  • recreation:
    • discusses contemporary tourism
    • visits the former tourist attraction Gloddfa Ganol
  • terrain: discusses rainy weather
  • Welsh translation: "Blaenau Ffestiniog, Cymro 1993-1997, rhan o 'dyddiadur taith' Annaig Renault, wedi ei chyfieithu o'r Llydawed." Trans. Rishart Hincks. Taliesin 124 (2005): 78-80. Print.

Nationality of traveller

Breton, French

Language of publication

Breton and French; Welsh translation

Gender of traveller


Type of publication

diary, travelogue


*Renault, Annaig. "Blaenau Ffestiniog: Cymru/ Pays de Galles, 1993, 1997." Carnet de Voyage/ Karnedig beaj, avec cinq frontispices originaux de Claude Bensimon. Spézet: Coop Breizh, 2004. 78-80. Print.