Briefe über die Insel Anglesea, vorzüglich über das dasige Kupfer-Bergwerk und die dazugehörigen Schmelzwerke und Fabriken

Name of traveller

August Gottfried Ludwig Lentin (1764–1823)

Reason for travel

  • study of copper mining

Date of travel

undated, between 1795 and 1800

Diese entzückenden Landschaften dienen indessen nur dazu, den Kontrast um so auffallender zu machen, den der Anblick der Insel gewährt, und wovon man bey der kurzen Ueberfahrt über die Meerenge Menai noch nichts ahnet, weil ein schmaler Gürtel von Gehölz , dem einzigen in der Insel, das Bild der Verwüstung verbirgt, das sich im Innern derselben dem Auge darbietet. (Lentin 4)


  • originally written as letters to an unnamed friend
  • agriculture:
    • fertile grounds and surplus of agricultural produce on Anglesey
    • importance of fishing
  • history:
    • historical overview of Anglesey and in wider context of Wales
    • focus on battles and Welsh subjection, starting with the Roman invasion
  • industry:
    • recognition of copper mine of Parys Mountain as Europe's largest
    • detailed description of the copper mine, its historical origins and intensive mining since 1770s, governmental regulations, ownership, modes of production, impact on employment in the area and development of other industries, further processing in Flintshire and northern counties in England
    • description of a type of processing copper ore that is specific to Anglesey
  • terrain:
    • praises the surroundings of Holywell as the most beautiful landscape he has ever visited thanks to the positive impact of modern industries on town development
    • geological description of Flintshire
    • beauty of landscapes of north Wales in contrast to the barbaric, treeless wilderness on Anglesey
    • detailed geological description of Anglesey, especially the area around Parys Mountain and geological properties of the mountain itself
  • transport: crossing the Menai Strait by boat
  • English translation: Letters on the island of Anglesey, in particular its copper mine and associated foundries and factories. Trans. Nancy Rothwell. Amlwch: Amlwch Industrial Heritage Fund, 2007. Print.
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication

German; English translation

Gender of traveller


Type of publication

letter; travelogue


Lentin, August Gottfried Ludwig. Briefe über die Insel Anglesea, vorzüglich über das dasige Kupfer-Bergwerk und die dazugehörigen Schmelzwerke und Fabriken. Leipzig: Crusius, 1800. Print.