"A Camp or a Picnic Party?"

Name of traveller

A French Tourist

Reason for travel

  • unknown

Date of travel

July 1874

As a picnic or out-of-door holiday, accustomed as I am to the pleasures of the environs of Paris, I do not think I ever enjoyed with so much felicity a summer day al fresco as Wednesday at Lavernock. (A French Tourist 7)


  • customs:
    • attends a public picnic party organised by the Glamorgan Artillery Volunteers
    • describes the luxurious furnishing and decoration of the picnic tents in some detail
    • questions the intent of the picnic to cultivate military life and criticises trivialisation of war
  • diet: praises the quality of the food prepared for the picnic
  • terrain: picturesque quality of the coast line around Lavernock
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

letter to the editor


A French Tourist. "A Camp or a Picnic Party?" The Western Mail (20 July 1874): 7. Print.