Name of traveller

Charlotte von Saurma

Reason for travel

  • research for the special issue of a German travel magazine

Date of travel

undated, ca. early 2010s

In der Queen Street, der großen Einkaufsstraße mitten in Cardiff, wimmelt es nur so von Menschen aus aller Welt: Pakistani, Italiener, Somalier, Iren -- eine internationale Stadt, ein New York en miniature, eine riesige Einkaufsstadt. (Saurma 36)


  • architecture:
    • comparison of Cardiff Castle with Neuschwanstein Castle
    • description of the façade of the Millenium Centre
  • art:
  • cutsoms:
    • description of typical street scenes before and after a rugby match between Wales and England
    • song "Delilah" by Tom Jones (b. 1940) described as unofficial Welsh national anthem
    • attends a practice session of the Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir
  • industry:
    • references to former importance of Cardiff for international export of coal
    • significance of the Bute family for the city's changing character and rise to international significance
  • people: Shirley Bassey (b. 1938) symbolises Cardiff's former impoverished industrial character, but having a vibrant music club scene
  • terrain:
    • identifies a generally cosmopolitan or English character of Cardiff, except during rugby matches
    • description of post-war town development in different areas of Cardiff
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Type of publication

illustrated travelogue


Saurma, Charlotte von. "Cardiff." MERIAN 10 (20 Sep. 2012): 30-8. Print.