"Crawled 3 Miles"

Name of traveller

Herr Hahn (c.1882-19??)

Reason for travel

  • mountaineering

Date of travel

May 1908

I tumbled with the boulder over other large stones a distance of fifteen or twenty yards, and was much bruised. I could not see eight yards in front of me because of the fog, and it was raining heavily. (Hahn qtd. by Anonymous 2)


  • diet: sustains himself with pieces of chocolate
  • recreation:
    • description of the perils of recreational mountain climbing in adverse weather conditions
    • waits over night for a rescue mission to arrive near the summit of Glyder Fawr after having broken his leg
    • is eventually rescued two days later near Pen Y Gwryd Hotel
  • terrain:
    • rocky terrain around Glyder Fawr; rolling boulders adding to the danger of the terrain
    • sudden change of weather conditions around Glyder Fawr
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

newspaper interview


[Hahn] and Anonymous. "Crawled 3 Miles." Evening Express (21 May 1908): 2. Print.