"Dans la Galles du Sud / In South Wales"

Name of traveller

*Par Richard Duprieux

Reason for travel

  • refugee during World War I

Date of travel



  • war-time publication to raise money for Belgian refugees in Britain
  • publication also contains a drawing by artist Valerius de Saedeleer, "Le Pays de Galles" (p. 128)
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication

French, English

Gender of traveller


Type of publication



*Duprieux, Richard. "Dans la Galles du Sud / In South Wales." Trans. Henry D. Roberts A Book of Belgium's gratitude: comprising literary articles by representative Belgians, together with their translations by various hands, and illustrated throughout in colour and black and white by Belgian artists. London: John Lane, the Bodley Head, 1916. 354-9. Print.