"Das Angeln-Eiland in Nord-Wales"

Name of traveller

Karl Blind (1826-1907)

Reason for travel

  • holidaying; leisurely travel while living in exile in London

Date of travel

September 1897

Ein Volk läßt sich jedoch die Muttersprache nicht so leicht nehmen. (Blind 2)


  • architecture:
    • visit of Caernarfon Castle under the guidance of the chatelain
    • visit of the cromlech on the Plas Newydd estate on Anglesey
  • language:
    • the majority of the population speaks Welsh, but not exclusively
    • teaching in schools is exclusively undertaken in English
    • explains the etymology of Llanfair P.G.
    • compares Welsh compounding to German word formation and includes notes on pronunciation
    • discusses language politics regarding the continued use of the Welsh language
  • people: identifies distinct physiognomy of the Welsh population with four principle ethnic origins
  • politics: discusses the Home Rule question and potential implications for the four nations of the United Kingdom
  • recreation:
  • terrain: romanticised descriptions of the landscape around the Menai Strait
  • transport: travels by horse carriage and train
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

essay; travelogue


Blind, Karl. "Das Angeln-Eiland in Nord-Wales." Neue Freie Presse (13 Oct. 1897): 1-3. Print.