"De Londres à Dublin"

Name of traveller

Charles Schindler

Reason for travel

  • en route to Ireland

Date of travel

August 1902

Ces bois épais et d’un vert sombre se reflétèrent dans le détroit [Menai Strait], bleu comme un Bosphore. (Schindler 15)


  • agriculture: notes on cows and rustic horses
  • architecture: Angelsey covered in low stone walls
  • clothing: police uniform differs from English uniforms; different type of hat, looks like earthenware pot
  • history: notes on Anglesey as the former Island of the Druids and their resistance to the Romans
  • people:
    • description of inhabitants of Holyhead as differing from the Anglo-Saxon type found in London
    • notices importance of education for the Welsh
    • people of Holyhead lack the vigour of the English population
  • recreation:
    • notices beaches and ports and their relation to tourism
    • observes workers on holiday
  • terrain:
    • notes on mountains of north Wales and the constant humidity
    • mountains merge into sky, compares their summits with ruined fortresses
    • largely vague about specific places; frequently just classifies them as villages
    • Anglesey retains retains something of the fantastic
    • compares Menai Strait to Bosphore
  • transport:
    • modes of travel: boat; train
    • takes train from London to Holyhead via north coast of Wales
    • chronicles the time it takes to travel on the train from London to Holyhead
    • mentions plans for development of the picturesque port in Holyhead
    • ferry from Holyhead is better than the Calais ones

Nationality of traveller


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Type of publication



Schindler, Charles. "De Londres à Dublin." En Irlande: De Londres à Dublin. Esquisse de l'histoire irlandaise. La ligue irlandaise unie. Les Irlandais à l'école. La bataille agraire. Evictions, etc. Paris: Felix Juven, [1903]. 13-7. Print.