"De Snowdon"

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undated, ca. 1890

De leibergen trekken den nevel aan en eerst wanneer wij den voet van den Snowdon na eene wandeling van anderhalf uur bereiken, beginnen de zonnestralen de toppen der bergen te vergulden en werpen de gevaarten hunne lange donkere schaduwen hier en daar over het landschap, dat in den glans der ochtendzon vóór ons ligt . . . . (Anonymous 1)


  • diet: lists cost of food and drink sold by the proprietors on the summit of Snowdon
  • industry: observes slate quarries at Llanberis; Welsh slate of international renown
  • recreation: climbs Snowdon in a group of six travellers, including two women on ponies and a tourist guide
  • terrain:
    • romanticised landscapes of north Wales; rural tranquility and fine weather
    • Cambrian Mountains similarly majestic in character as Graubünden in the Swiss Alps, but without snow-topped summits
    • pine forests cover the mountain slopes around Llanberis
    • enjoys viewing the mountain lakes scattered around Snowdon
    • footpath changes from moderate to increasingly steep further up the mountain
    • describes in detail the splendid view from the summit of Snowdon; can see as far as the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland
  • transport:
    • modes of travel: on foot; pony
    • reference to the purchase of Snowdon by the engineer Edward Watkin (1819-1901) with the plan to build a railway leading up the mountain
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Male, Female

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Anonymous. "De Snowdon." Algemeen Handesblad (30 Aug. 1890): 1. Print.