Der fremde Vetter: Skizzen aus England

Name of traveller

Oscar Mysing

Reason for travel

  • travelling as foreign correspondent for the German newspaper Kölnische Zeitung

Date of travel

undated, visit during a 2 1/2-year stay in London

In bezug auf ihre Konsonanten-Üppigkeit scheint die walisische Sprache mit dem Tschechischen in einem geheimen Wettbewerb zu stehen . . .. (Mysing 294)


  • the volume is a collection of essays resulting from over two years of journalistic exploration of the British Isles
  • customs:
    • notes the mild character of the Welsh population
    • comments on an eisteddfod
  • history: compares Wales of days gone by with the battlefield-like activity in the coalfields
  • industry:
    • description of Cardiff Docks
    • Merthyr as central to the coal industry and notes the impact on the environment
    • visit to a mine
  • language: notes on the Welsh language
  • literature: notes how process of export of coal has changed since the travel accounts of the eighteenth century
  • politics:
    • aware of union activity and the increased political power of the workers in their fight for better pay and conditions
    • comparison of Welsh union activities to the situation in France
    • living conditions of the miners described as harsh
  • transport: travels to Wales via Severn Tunnel

Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

essay; travelogue


Mysing, Oscar. "Im Kampfgebiet der Kohle." Der fremde Vetter: Skizzen aus England. Berlin: Alfred Schall, 1914. 283-304. Print.