"In der Heimat Lloyd-Georges"

Name of traveller

*S. V.

Reason for travel

  • reporting from Cardiff about the upcoming general election

Date of travel

4 January 1910


  • architecture: on the whole, Cardiff boasts no interesting architecture
  • culture:
    • no noticeable difference in the consumption of goods between Cardiff and London
    • recignises an obsession with football and warns unprepared travellers against visiting Cardiff during match days
  • history: gives a brief overview of the city's history
  • industry: reference to the great harbour and docks
  • politics:
    • discusses the upcoming general election and the frenzy of canvassing in Cardiff
    • recognises a certain obsession of all party campaigns with Germany
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

report; essay


*V., S. "In der Heimat Lloyd-Georges." Neue Freie Presse (8 Jan. 1910): 1-2. Print.