"Der rote Drache von Wales"

Name of traveller

*Dr. Steinbichl

Reason for travel

  • writing an article for the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse Niederbyerische Zeitung

Date of travel

undated, ca. 1953

Die Walliser [sic] fühlen sich als bessere Demokraten als die Engländer, wozu sie auf Grund ihrer Vergangenheit auch ein gewisses Recht haben, weil sie die feudalistischen Schlacken gründlicher abgestoßen haben als die Engländer. (St[einbichl] 16)


  • agriculture: depopulation in predominantly agrarian areas
  • art: contains three photographs taken during his journey
  • customs:
    • mentions the National Eisteddfod as a retained ancient tradition
    • identifies a unique cultural link between Welsh religion, politics and literature
  • industry: points out that Wales is a poor country despite a wealth of natural resources
  • language:
    • is surprised to find bilingual road signs in Wales and points out that English people are surprised just as much although there are ca. 1 mio Welsh speakers
    • claims it is a misconception that Welsh is a dying language, but it continues to spread steadily
    • children never hear a word of English in rural village schools
    • relates an incident in Bangor where a school governor had to step down because he had not learnt Welsh during his 23 years in office
  • politics:
    • explains the legal significance of the title "Prince of Wales"
    • sees a historically deeply rooted antagonism between the Welsh nation and a tyrannical English superstate
    • finds Welsh nationalist movement comparatively weak and points out that Plaid Cymru fails to attract an electorate
    • identifies differences between north and south Wales and the lack of a Welsh capital as main hindrance to attain political unity
  • recreation: meets an international youth group on an outing by the sea which was organised by the Urdd Gobaith Cymru movement
  • terrain:
    • compares the size of Wales to Baden-Würtemberg
    • praises rural, mountainous landscapes and the coast line
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

essay; report


*St[einbichl]. "Der rote Drache von Wales." Passauer Neue Presse Niederbayerische Zeitung (25 July 1953): 16. Print.