"Die Exkursion in Wales"

Name of traveller

Harry Waldbaur (1888-1961)

Reason for travel

  • group excursion for the study of geographical features in north Wales

Date of travel

11-17 August 1911

Es sei nun im Anschluß an die Route der Exkursion, ohne jedoch in Einzelheiten daran festzuhalten, versucht, einen Überblick zu geben über die interessanten Erscheinungen und Probleme, die uns während der fünf lehrreichen Tage im Snowdongebiet beschäftigten. (Waldbaur 12)


  • art: contains a number of photographs of the surveyed locations, scientific sketches and diagrams of the terrain
  • literature: this reports covers the days 11-15 August and constitutes a prequal to Praesent's travel account
  • language: some translations of Welsh place names into German
  • people:
    • W. M. Davies, professor of geology, and Dr. Marr act as tour guides to a group of invited German geographers, including members of the Verein der Geographen an der Universität Leipzig (Association of Geographers of Leipzig University), Hans Spethmann (1885-1957), Alfred Rühl (1882-1935) and Walter Hanns
    • recreation: notes impact of tourism on transport routes in north Wales, especially the railways
  • terrain:
    • notes how geographical features have impact on political borders
    • exploration of Snowdonia according to the scientic method of W. M. Davies
    • brief description of Bethesda, its location, layout, size, main industry and population
    • detailed description of geographical features encountered during the excursion
    • comparison with similar geographical features in the Alps
    • outside purely geographical descriptions, author exhibits appreciation for beauty of surveyed landscape

Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

report; scientific study


Waldbaur, H[arry]. "Die Exkursion in Wales." Eine geographische Studienreise durch das westliche Europa. Ed. Verein der Geographen an der Universität Leipzig. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner, 1913. 9-26. Print.