Die Landschaften der Britischen Inseln: England und Wales

Name of traveller

Johann Sölch (1883-1951)

Reason for travel

  • research into geography, geology, history, etc. of the British Isles

Date of travel


Heute ist ganz Wales von vielen vorzüglichen Straßen mit gut organisiertem Autobusverkehr durchzogen. (Sölch 743)


  • text itself is not a travelogue but has been inspired by various research trips since the 1920s
  • agriculture: description of main branches of agriculture in different regions
  • art:
    • includes photographs taken by the author which form a record of his travels
    • contains drawings of geological strata for various geographical areas
  • history:
    • overview of main achievements during the Metal Ages
    • traces historical developments in religion, governance, military, agriculture and industry since the Norman invasion and their respective impact on the Welsh landscape
  • industry: importance of slate industry for the Welsh economy, particularly in the north
  • terrain: detailed geographical and geological study for the whole of Wales
  • transport: desciption of historical and contemporary infrastructure
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

illustrated report


Sölch, Johann. Die Landschaften der Britischen Inseln: England und Wales. Vol. 1 Vienna: Springer-Verlag, 1951. 709-809. Print.