"Eimerweise Drachen"

Name of traveller

Elmar Schenkel (b. 1953)

Reason for travel

  • ERASMUS teaching exchange between the Institute for British Studies, Universität Leipzig, and the School of Modern Languages, Bangor University

Date of travel

undated, but references in the text date the journey to March 2010


  • people:
    • overhearing fellow travellers on trains and in cafés
    • focus on stories told to the author by the people he met in different places
    • recalls 1977 journey to the former home of the author John Cowper Powys (1872-1963) and meeting Phyllis Playter (1892-1982)

Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

essay; travelogue


Schenkel, Elmar. "Eimerweise Drachen. Reisebericht aus Wales." Liaisons. Magazin für den Kulturdialog 4 (Winter 2010/11): 68-76. Print.