"Het glorieuze feest van de Eisteddfod"

Name of traveller

Kerst Huisman (b. 1940)

Reason for travel

  • visit to the National Eisteddfod in Porthmadog

Date of travel

August 1987

Een op het eerste gezicht geheel uit de toon vallende Russische pope blijkt een onvervalste Welshman te zijn. Hij baart veel opzien, en de Grieks-orthodoxe priester wordt zelfismans omstanding geïnterviewd door de ijverige mensen van S4C, die de hele Eisteddfod haast integraal filmen . . .. (Huisman 25)


  • art: contains a number of photographs taken during the National Eisteddfod
  • customs:
    • visits the National Eisteddfod in Porthmadog; friendly and welcoming atmosphere around the festival field
    • recognises the cultural importance of the Eisteddfod week for Welsh-language culture
    • besides the National Eisteddfod there are other eisteddfodau, such as the International or the Urdd
    • Eisteddfod competitions are good-natured rivalry between writers, poets, singers, musicians, etc.
    • outside competitions there are a great number of show rooms, covering all aspects of culture and learning in Wales
    • notes the diversity of religions and social justice movements represented at the stalls across the Eisteddfod field
    • references the strong Welsh peace movement
    • total cost of the National Eisteddfod is over £ 1 million, but the Porthmadog Eisteddfod is projected to generate more than £ 3 mio. in profit
  • diet: the Eisteddfod field is t-total, which leads to strong business in the pubs around Porthmadog
  • history: brief sketch of the historical origins of the Eisteddfod
  • language: leftist, rebellious Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg protesting against the commercialisation of the National Eisteddfod
  • people: international competitors participating in the National Eisteddfod make a good impression with judges and audiences
  • politics: is pleased that the Welsh are aware of Frisian cultural and political struggle in the Netherlands
  • terrain: people are used to the frequent rain in Wales
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Nationality of traveller

Dutch, Frisian

Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

illustrated report


Huisman, Kerst. "Het glorieuze feest van de Eisteddfod." Leeuwarder courant : hoofdblad van Friesland (21 Aug 1987): 25. Print.