"II. Im Lande der Mabinogion Sagen"

Name of traveller

August Closs (1898-1990)

Reason for travel

  • holidaying; leisurely travel

Date of travel

autumn 1934

Im Morgensturm der wechselnden Gezeiten sind dann die Höhen um Cader Idris in ein braunes Gewoge gehüllt. . . . Mit der Flut treibt auch der Wind ans Land und reißt den Rauch aus den Schornsteinen in die Berge. Was das Meer im Dunkel der Nacht in die Tiefe schleudert, speit es nun verächtlich wieder an den Strand. (Closs 23)


  • architecture: cottages in the area around St. David's noted for their rose-tinted walls and whitewashed roofs
  • history:
    • reference to the siege of Harlech Castle under the defence of Dafydd ap Ieuan ap Einion (1440-1468) and the related song "March of the Men of Harlech"
    • ponders the number of pirates making use of the natural properties of Grasholm in former times
  • language:
    • identifies the National Library of Wales as the central repository for the safe-keeping of the Welsh language and literature
    • identifies the English language as foreign
    • many Welsh speakers in the surroundings of St. David's
  • literature: frequent references to Arthurian legends and the Mabinogion to describe landscapes
  • people: describes the Welsh population as decidedly different from the English
  • terrain:
    • descriptions of multi-coloured landscapes of north Wales as seen from the window of the passing train
    • anthropomorphic descriptions of threatening north Wales landscapes and stormy weather
    • landscapes of Snowdonia change their character frequently
    • Ramsey Island and Grasholm described as paradise for wildlife
  • transport:
    • modes of travel: boat; train
    • most beautiful mountain road leads from Snowdon to Caernarfon
    • primitive infrastructure on Ramsey Island; no proper harbour on the island
    • treacherous waters around Grasholm pose danger to ships

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Closs, August. "II. Im Lande der Mabinogion Sagen." Woge im Westen: Irland, Wales und England im Wandel der letzten Jahrzehnte. Eltville am Rhein: Lothar Hempe Verlag, 1954. 21-7. Print.