"Im 'freien' England"

Name of traveller

Heinrich Geehl

Reason for travel

  • leisurely travel during life in exile in London

Date of travel


Mylord war Friedensrichter; der Kerl hatte in Mylords Park geschlafen; Mylord war Richter in seiner eigenen Sache und schickte den Mann ohne Verhör drei Tage "in the holl!" [sic] Wenn es in Rußland gewesen wäre! Aber hier, einem Bürger des freien Englands gegenüber! Nachdenklich machte ich mich auf den Heimweg. (Geehl 3)


  • customs:
    • recounts reading a local tale about the church bells of Bangor Cathedral in the church register
    • recounts not being able to finish his pint owing to closing time and feels intimidated by the arrival of a policeman in the pub
  • language:
    • identifies English as a foreign language in Wales
    • Welsh words notable for their length; guttural sounds
  • history: brief reference to Roman conquest
  • people:
    • describes a chance encounter with an unnamed Lord, possibly Edward Douglas-Pennant, 1st Baron Penrhyn (1800-1886)
    • shocked to witness the people's display of servility towards the Lord
    • gains access to the nearby estate, possibly Penrhyn Castle, after tipping a servant and promising to keep away from the castle and confine his visit to the gardens
    • is discovered by the Lord and invited inside for a personal tour of the castle
    • is shocked by the Lord's harsh treatment of a trespasser who is immediately sent to three days imprisonment
  • terrain:
    • conflation of Wales and England
    • Wales defined by its mountains
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication

German; English translation

Gender of traveller


Type of publication

essay; travelogue


Geehl, Heinrich. "Im 'freien' England." Berliner Tageblatt (8 July 1890): 2-3. Print.