"Im Moor und am Meer"

Name of traveller


Reason for travel

  • cultural tourist

Date of travel

undated, ca. early 1870s

Schickt die Nachmittagssonne ihre Strahlen auf die blaue Bucht nieder, so wandert Alles aus. Am Strande bleiben dann blos Wäscherinnen zurück und hängen die nassen Handtücher zum Trocknen auf Leinen. (Anonymous 4)


  • history: notes the rapid town development of Llandudno since 1849
  • people: is puzzled where local people live in Llandudno in summer owing to its great number of tourists
  • recreation:
    • Llandudno beach and bathing houses are overrun with tourists, particularly tourists from England
    • notes great number of children on the beach during the morning hours
    • during afternoon hours, tourists tend to seek entertainment and diversions in and around town
  • terrain:
    • notes the absence of Llandudno on comparatively recent English maps
    • monotonous town character of Llandudno owing to modern, planned development with too many regular streets and similar houses
    • changing character of the beach in Llandudno in relation to tides
    • beautiful, mountainous and scarcely populated area around Llandudno
    • romantic description of a view from the Great Orme across to Anglesey during sunset
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Type of publication

essay; travelogue


Anonymous. "Im Moor und am Meer." Wiener Sonn- und Montags-Zeitung (2 Aug. 1874): 2-4. Print.