Im Sattel von der Ostsee bis zum Atlantik

Name of traveller

Astrid Theophile-Girgensohn (b. 1940) and horse Chico

Reason for travel

  • travelling for self-improvement

Date of travel


Oben auf der Höhe, wo man einen herrlichen Rundblick auf die Berge und in die Täler hatte, ließ ich Chico eine halbe Stunde grasen. Die Schatten der Wolken jagten sich an den Hängen. Die stets wechselnde Belichtung der Landschaft war fantastisch. (Theophile-Girgensohn 57)


  • agriculture: observes use of Welsh ponies for sheep herding
  • literature: journey attracts media attention and is covered in articles by the German BILD Zeitung and the British Daily Telegraph
  • people:
    • finds lodgings on the way to Wales on a series of farms, in particular, with Mrs Holbrow at Woodhampton Farm
    • spends a year working for pocket money in two educational centres run by Captain Freddie Fuller (1911-1993)
  • politics: describes a visit to the hospital in Aberystwyth with a bad experience of the NHS
  • recreation: lodging in the Hotel Penhellyg during a family visit from Germany
  • transport:
    • modes of travel: bike; horseback
    • travels to Wales on horseback from the Baltic coast in West-Germany and is accompanied by Elke Nickelsen as far as south-east England

Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

diary; travelogue


Theophile-Girgensohn, Astrid. Im Sattel von der Ostsee bis zum Atlantik. Fehmarn: Edition Forsbach, 2015. Print.