"Italiaans stadje is dé verrassing van Wales"

Name of traveller

*Nico van der Zwet Slotenmaker (1941-2014)

Reason for travel

  • commissioned article about Portmeirion

Date of travel



  • architecture: survey of the Italianate architecture of Portmeirion
  • art:
    • a number of photographs and a map
    • reference to the holiday village having served as the set for the British television series The Prisoner (1966-67)
  • people: short portrait about the architect, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis (1883-1978)
  • recreation:
    • Portmeirion as a popular holiday destination
    • holidaying in Portmeirion as a sign of British excentricity
    • brief overview of the cost of booking the basic rooms
  • terrain: conflation of Wales and England
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

report; essay; travel guide


*Zwet Slotenmaker, Nico van der. "Italiaans stadje is dé verrassing van Wales." De Telegraaf (5 Sep. 1992): TA 31. Print.