"Jena II"

Name of traveller

Wilhelm Halbfaß (1856-1938) and wife

Reason for travel

  • travelling as cultural tourist, self-improvement
  • en route to and on return from Ireland

Date of travel

September 1925 and August 1926

Wieder in Hol[y]head angelangt, weilte ich einige Tage in dem so malerischen Nordwales, wo ich unter anderem die beiden höchsten Berge des Landes, den Snowdon und den Cader Idris, bestieg. (Halbfaß 125)


  • culture: the population of south Wales described as distinctly different from south England
  • industry: passing reference to coal port in Swansea
  • people: second journey undertaken together with his wife
  • recreation: undertakes mountaineering tours in Snowdonia during the first journey
  • terrain: romanticised description of Snowdonia
  • transport: travel via boat
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller

Male, Female

Type of publication



Halbfaß, Wilhelm. "Jena II." Wilhelm Halbfaß (1856-1938): Mathematiker, Physiker und Hydrogeograph. Eine Autobiographie. Hamburg: Severus Verlag, 2011. 108-60. Print.