La Maison du Connemara

Name of traveller

Yann Fouéré (1910-2011) with wife and children

Reason for travel

  • political exile after World War 2

Date of travel


Le lendemain de mon arrivée, nous descendîmes tous les quatre à Abergavenny pour assister aux séances de l’école d’été, sorte de congrès annuel d’études, organisé par le parti national gallois. (Fouéré 17)


  • customs: attends the Aberdare Eisteddfod and is moved to hear the Breton anthem
  • history: Swansea destroyed from German air raids
  • industry: describes industrial landscapes
  • language:
    • notes importance of the Welsh press campaign for Breton morale
    • his children attend school and soon become fluent in Welsh
    • impressed to hear Princess Elizabeth speak Welsh at the Aberdare Eisteddfod
  • people:
    • many character sketches of people met while in Wales and who supported his life in exile
    • engages with other Breton refugees in Wales
    • meets Saunders Lewis (1893-1985) to discuss politics
    • his wife and children follow him into Welsh exile at a later point
  • politics:
    • stays in Wales as political refugee and lives in disguise; afraid of being discovered at any time
    • attends summer school organised by Plaid Cymru
  • transport: travels by train

Nationality of traveller

Breton, French

Language of publication


Gender of traveller

Male, Female

Type of publication



Fouéré, Yann. La Maison du Connemara. Spézet: Coop Breizh, 1995. 12-87. Print.