"Letters 1938"

Name of traveller

Luise Mendelsohn (1894-1980)

Reason for travel

  • recuperation following an operation and during process of naturalisation as British citizen

Date of travel

September to October 1938

Das ganze Leben liegt in diesem Fjord - alles scheint diesem Gesetz des Aufbegehrens und Verebbens zu unterliegen. Es ist schön - aufregend und beruhigend zugleich - dies so wahrhaftig vor sich zu sehen. Dazu die samtenen Berge - die herrlich geschnittenen Rasen - bis zum Wasser - die gefiederten engl. Bäume - Diese Halbinsel ist ein Stück übrig gebliebenes Paradies. (Mendelsohn, 22 Sep 1938 2)


  • agriculture: generally rural aspect of north Wales with a preponderance of farms
  • architecture: brief description of use of natural stone in building houses
  • industry: repelled by nearby small industrial villages and slag heaps
  • people:
    • series of letters to her husband, Erich Mendelsohn (1887-1953)
    • journey undertaken together with her friend Hede Vasen
    • character sketch of Clough William-Ellis (1883-1978) and pays a visit to his home, Plas Brondanw
    • complains about German holiday makers in the same hotel
    • visit to birthplace of T. E. Lawrence (1888-1935) and evaluation of his character as thoroughly formed by Welsh landscape and mythology
  • politics:
    • discusses in great detail current political events in her letters, especially the ongoing Sudenten Crisis and the Munich Agreement
    • describes effects of ongoing political crisis on the holiday-makers
  • recreation:
    • low quality of furnishing, electrical appliances and plumbing in Hotel Portmeirion, but excellent menu
    • description of Portmeirion holiday village as kitsh and looking like a left-over amusement park
  • terrain:
    • does not differentiate between Wales and England
    • romanticised descriptions of the coastal landscape
    • mild climate, mediteranian vegetation and "Turneresque" colours
    • detailed description of Dwyryd estuary and the effects of the tides on the character of the landscape
    • autumn storms
  • transport: travels via car
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication

German, English

Gender of traveller


Type of publication



Mendelsohn, Luise. "Letters 1938." Letters to Erich Mendelsohn. 1938. Penrhyndeudraeth: n.p., 1938. N. pag. EMA - Erich Mendelsohn Archive: Correspondence of Erich and Luise Mendelsohn 1910-1953. Web. 16 Feb. 2015.