The Life of Kurt Ockert, 2011

Name of traveller

Kurt Ockert (1921-2011)

Reason for travel

  • German prisoner of war turned immigrant

Date of travel

arrived in May 1946

I have been a very lucky man, not to have had to claim the dole for a single day in my working life! It is my duty to thank the people of Presteigne for their kindness to me. Thank You[.] Kurt[.] (Ockert 42)


  • agriculture:
    • works for various local farmers in Powys and Herefordshire during his time as POW and briefly after
    • in his last employment works as grounds man for John Beddoes School, Presteigne
  • art: contains a few photographs of Kurt as soldier, POW and in retirement with his wife
  • diet:
    • notes that provisions for German camp inmates were better and more plentiful than for British civilians
    • Polish refugees teach the German prisoners how to steal small amounts of provisions to improve camp rations
    • POWs occassionally poach rabbits, chickens and trout
  • industry:
    • works as builder during his time as POW
    • works as lorry driver in a local lime stone quarry for eleven years
  • people:
    • contains brief descriptions of fellow POWs
    • describes working together with Polish refugees during time as POW
    • while still a POW marries a local girl and decribes being welcomed into her family
    • alludes to some isolated frictions with some members of the local population after the war, but felt generally welcome and soon integrated into the community
  • politics:
    • arrived in Wales as German prisoner of war after internment in the USA
    • notes good treatment by British prison camp personnel
    • camp inmates were allowed to run a little theatre whose productions also travelled around the local meeting halls to entertain the civilian population

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Ockert, Kurt. The Life of Kurt Ockert, 2011. 1984. Ed. George P. Lancett. 2011. NLW ex 2762. Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. TS.