L'Irlande, le Canada, Jersey: lettres adressées au Journal des débats

Name of traveller

Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912)

Reason for travel

  • en route to Ireland

Date of travel

August 1880

Un pont suspendu a été jeté sur ce détroit [i.e. Menai] en 1826 : plus tard, on a construit pour l’usage du chemin de fer un pont tubulaire, qui a passé en son temps pour une merveille, mais qui est bien modeste en comparaison du pont Victoria de Montréal. (Molinari 4)


  • architecture:
    • brief reference to Menai Suspension Bridge and Britannia Bridge, the latter of which he finds modest in comparison to Montréal Bridge
    • poor cottages on Anglesey
  • customs: beggars approach embarking travellers in Holyhead
  • recreation: passengers on board the steamer from Holyhead feed seagulls with bread crumbs
  • terrain:
    • reference to north Wales landscapes as seen from the train window
    • Anglesey described as an appendage to the Welsh mainland
  • transport:
    • modes of travel: steam boat; train
    • details on duration of train journey, cost and covered distance from London to Holyhead
    • comparison with continental train services
    • vastness of the port at Holyhead could accommodate the entire fleet of England
    • very comfortable crossing from Holyhead; better than the boats from Dover, Ostend or Calais
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Molinari, G[ustave] de. L'Irlande, le Canada, Jersey : lettres adressées au Journal des débats. Paris: E. Dentu Éditeur, 1881. 3-5. Print.