Mit dem Koffer in der Hand

Name of traveller

Susanne Bock (b. 1920) and Ivan Lipscher

Reason for travel

  • Jewish refugee from Austria

Date of travel

1940 to 1941

Llangollen liegt in North-Wales, umgeben von grünen Wiesen, Schafweiden und Wäldchen, es ist ein wunderhübscher Ort. (Bock 119)


  • agriculture: sheep and dairy farming around Llangollen
  • diet:
    • supplements nutrition by buying milk from local farmers and making cheese
    • discusses food rationing during the war
  • language: some notes on the Welsh language and the importance of proper pronunciation for being accepted by the local people
  • people:
    • lives in Llangollen with her Slovak husband Ivan Lipscher
    • works for the Czech Refugee Trust Fund in Llangollen during World War II
    • many of the refugees working in wood cutting around Llangollen as contribution to the war effort
    • describes living conditions and group life among the multi-national inhabitants in the refugee hostel
    • after an initial period of self-organisation, the hostel is eventually supervised by an army officer who has little understanding of cultural differences and lacks any experience in accounting, administration and house keeping
  • recreation:
    • due to lack of tourists many inns and hotels were transformed into refugee hostels
    • people from Liverpool visiting Llangollen to escape the bombing raids for a few days
  • terrain:
    • conflation of Wales and England
    • area around Llangollen with dense woodland

Nationality of traveller

Austrian and Slovak

Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication



Bock, Susanne. Mit dem Koffer in der Hand: Leben in den Wirren der Zeit 1920-1946. Wien: Passagen-Verlag, 1999. 119-34. Print.