Nur eine Welle

Name of traveller

Uwe Langhoff

Reason for travel

  • work on board commercial trading vessels

Date of travel

various journeys between 1959 and 1966

Die teilweise schmalen Straßen Swanseas wurden erneuert, sodass auch hier der Fortschritt Einzug genommen hatte. Wir suchten ein geeignetes Pub (Gaststätte) aus, um das bekannte dunkle englische Bier zu trinken. (Langhoff 23)


  • industry: identifies Swansea as a former mining city
  • recreation:
    • spends two days in Swansea on shore leave
    • taken into police custody and fined £150.00 for being drunk and disorderly in Cardiff
  • terrain:
    • conflation of Wales and England
    • reconstruction of the streets and modernisation of Swansea
  • transport:
    • travels on various commercial motorised trading vessels
    • Cardiff, Swansea and Newport remain a novelty for the author owing to the infrequent landings in these ports
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Langhoff, Uwe. Nur eine Welle. Norderstedt: Books on Demand, 2010. 23, 131, 221 Print.