"Ober anadudegezh gant studieren Breizh en Aberystwyth"

Name of traveller

Pierre-Alex Kohig ar Faou (b. 1983) and Lena Peron (b. 1986)

Reason for travel

  • study abroad

Date of travel

2006 to 2007

Ar vro zo brav-tre, an dud hegarat-tre. Ne'n em sentan ket kollet tamm ebet; diouzhtu on bet degemeret mat e-touez ar gevredigezh. (Faou 14) Plijet bras on bet o klevout kalz a dud o komz kembraeg, an dud kozh evel ar re yaouank. Implijet e vez ar c'hembraeg kalz muioc'h er vuhez pemdeziek eget na vez ar bezhoneg e Breizh. (Peron 19)


  • art: contains two photographs of the students
  • customs: sports are better in Wales than in his native Rennes
  • diet:
    • mixed opinions about food
    • evening meals take place too early
    • good taste of sharp cheddar cheeses
    • girls drink lots of beer
  • language:
    • study of Celtic languages and German at Aberystwyth University
    • Welsh is used more often than Breton
  • people: welcoming atmosphere for feeling at home with the people of Wales

Nationality of traveller

Breton, French

Language of publication

Breton, Welsh

Gender of traveller

Male, Female

Type of publication



Faou, Pierre-Alex Kohig ar Faou and Lena Peron. "Ober anadudegezh gant studieren Breizh en Aberystwyth." Breizh 46 (Apr. 2007): 14-20. Print.