"Ober anaoudegezh gant Peggy [L]e Bihan"

Name of traveller

Peggy Le Bihan (b. 1977)

Reason for travel

  • work
  • learn Welsh and get to know the country

Date of travel

undated, ca. 2009

Kembre a blij din. Disheñvel eo diouzh Breizh da-geñver ar yezh. Amañ ‘vez klevet kembraeg bemdez, e pep lec’h. E Breizh n’eo ket ken aes. (Le Bihan 38)


  • art: contains a photograph of Le Bihan in Aberystwyth
  • customs: works in Youth Hostel in Borth
  • language:
    • started learning Welsh first with Teach Yourself Welsh
    • has attended language course in Nant Gwytheyrn
    • has enrolled in Welsh classes taught at Aberystwyth University
    • has the chance to speak Breton with people in Aberystwyth
    • enjoys how easy it is to speak Welsh every day in contrast to speaking Breton in Brittany

Nationality of traveller

Breton, French

Language of publication

Breton, Welsh

Gender of traveller


Type of publication



Le Bihan, Peggy. "Ober anaoudegezh gant Peggy [L]e Bihan." Breizh 51 (Aug. 2009): 35-8. Print.