"Ober anaoudegezh gant ur studieriez eus Breizh"

Name of traveller

Liza Jacq (b. 1987)

Reason for travel

  • study abroad

Date of travel

2007 to 2008

Plijet-tre on o welet penaos eo divyezhek pep tra er skol-veur hag e lec'hioù ken boutin ha gar c'harr-boutin pe an tavarnioù. (Jacq 14)


  • art: contains photograph of Jacq
  • language:
    • studies Welsh at Aberystwyth University
    • interested in observing bilingual life
    • enjoys the presence of Welsh at university and in public space
  • people: observes different relationship between students and their university in comparison to France

Nationality of traveller

Breton, French

Language of publication

Breton, Welsh

Gender of traveller


Type of publication



Jacq, Liza. "Ober anaoudegezh gant ur studieriez eus Breizh." Breizh 50 (Feb. 2008): 13-7. Print.