"Quer durch England"

Name of traveller

*F. Knecht and a Viennese Minister

Reason for travel

  • travelling through Wales on their way to Dublin to attend a Catholic congress

Date of travel

21-22 June 1932

Es war gerade Feierabend. Aus den Fabriktoren strömten bleiche, rußige Arbeiter. Dazu lag ein Geruch in der Luft, daß uns beinahe übel wurde. Und die armen Leute dieser Stadt müssen Tag für Tag in dieser Luft legen un in diesen schrecklichen Fabriken arbeiten. Noch selten habe ich die dunkle Seite der Industrie so lebhaft empfunden als bei der Durchfahrt durch dieses Swansea. (Knecht 2)


  • industry:
    • sees great number of workers in Swansea leaving the factories at the end of their shifts
    • criticises the social and environmental impact of industrial production
  • people: portrait of the chauffeur who is driving the author and his travel companion to Fishguard
  • transport
    • modes of travel: car; ferry
    • describes travel through south Wales as a strenuous experience
    • travel through south Wales in a car driven by a chauffeur
    • travel along the south coast of Wales
    • contrasts industrial and rural landscapes of south Wales
    • boarding the ferry from Fishguard to Dublin
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller

Male, Unknown

Type of publication

essay; travelogue


*Knecht, F. "Quer durch England." Vorarlberger Volksblatt (29 July 1932): 1-3. Print.