R. R. Angerstein’s Illustrated Travel Diary, 1753-1755

Name of traveller

Reinhold Rücker Angerstein (1718-1760)

Reason for travel

  • study of industry

Date of travel

summer and autumn 1754

In connection with Pontypool there is nothing further to be mentioned except that everything is kept very secret and that all strangers are forbidden to approach the works. . . . I did not fail this time, but in the end I was caught by the implacable proprietor himself and was forced to witness the castigation of the workmen who let me in. (Angerstein 163)


  • Swedish entrepreneur and metallurgist
  • art: detailed sketches by the author of industrial sites and production
  • customs: recognises Wales as culturally distinct entity
  • history: notes on historical background of Newport Castle and St Winifred's Well
  • industry:
    • visit to recently established ironworks in Caerleon, Abercarn and Pontypool
    • detailed descriptions of production processes and costs of production
    • observes coal mining in area around Newport, lead mining in Flintshire and the paper mill at Holywell
  • people:
  • takes a walk along the shore at Mostyn with Thomas Pennant (1726-1798)
  • in Flintshire inspects the lead works of a Mr Smedley, the chief industrial operator in the district
  • transport: describes ferry crossing over the Severn
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication

English translation; Swedish

Gender of traveller


Type of publication



Angerstein, Reinhold Rücker. R. R. Angerstein’s Illustrated Travel Diary, 1753-1755: Industry in England and Wales from a Swedish Perspective. Trans. Torsten and Peter Berg. London: Science Museum, 2001. 147-65, 320-328. Print.