"Rapport sur une mission en Angleterre et dans le pays de Galles"

Name of traveller

J. Loth

Reason for travel

  • study of Welsh language culture

Date of travel

July to October 1884

[L]e pays de Galles est la véritable citadelle du celtique et il est impossible de prévoir dans combien de temps l’anglais réussira à l’en déloger, si tant est qu’il y arrive. (Loth 556-557)


  • customs:
    • religion has changed the national character of Wales
    • description of bundling and how the custom has been stamped out by religion
    • notes on superstitions despite the contemporary belief in Wales that they have been overcome
    • a choir of peasants wins the Liverpool National Eisteddfod
  • language:
    • Welsh stands out from the other Celtic languages
    • provides statistics of geographical disctribution and variation of the Welsh language
    • unlike Breton, Welsh is not a minority language as it is spoken by the majority of the population
    • notes on anti-Welsh attitudes of the Church, the translation of the Bible into Welsh, Methodism and Sunday schools
    • use of Welsh language in primary schools
    • points out that French belief in mutual intelligibility between Welsh and Breton speakers is a myth
  • literature:
    • notes on Welsh language literature, such as the Mabinogion
    • likens Welsh poetry to music
    • publication of Welsh books and politial newspapers doing well; Brittany lagging behind
  • people:
    • John Rh?s (1840-1915) supports the author in his research
    • had intended to meet with William Robert Maurice Wynne (1840-1909) to inspect his collection of manuscripts
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

report; study


Loth, J. "Rapport sur une mission en Angleterre et dans le pays de Galles." Archives des missions scientifiques et littéraires : choix de rapports et instructions publié sous les auspices du Ministère de l'instruction publique et des cultes 14 (1888): 553-65. Print.