"Reisebericht (1864)"

Name of traveller

Carl Schmidt (1822-1894)

Reason for travel

  • research about industrial production and chemical processing

Date of travel

August 1864

Die schroffen Schiefergebirge von North Wales sind rundum völlig nackt, nur spärlich bemoost und begrast, von zahlreichen weissen, langschwänzigen, kleinen aber wohlgehaltenen Bergschafen beweidet. (Schmidt 295)


  • agriculture: sheep farming in north Wales
  • architecture: interest in modern industrial architecture and bridges
  • art: contains a number of sketches showing industrial production
  • industry:
    • inspection of Penrhyn Quarry and information on slate mining and economic impact on the Bangor area
    • information on south Wales heavy industry, including mining and ironworks
    • description of various production methods with details on geology and chemical properties of resources
    • details on the impact of German industrialists J. Draehne at Morriston and Drs Suchland and Hermann at Hafod
  • terrain: observes barren, treeless slate mountains in north Wales

Nationality of traveller

Estonian, German, Imperial Russian

Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

edited diaries and letters


Schmidt, Carl. "Reisebericht (1864)." Carl Schmidt (1822-1894): Tagebuchaufzeichnungen, Briefe und wissenschaftliche Reiseberichte des Dorpater Chemikers Carl Schmidt aus den Jahren 1842 bis 1881. Ed. R. Stefan Roß. Deutsch-Russische Beziehungen in Medizin und Naturwissenschaften. Vol. 7. Aachen: Shakrer, 2002. 293-6, 312-25. Print.