Schottland / Wales / Cornwall: Auf den Spuren von König Artus

Name of traveller

Paul Botheroyd (b. 1939), Sylvia Botheroyd (b. 1944)

Reason for travel

  • research and collection of images for guide book
  • interest in Arthurian legend

Date of travel

undated, mid to late 1980s


  • Swiss-English married couple resident in Germany
  • architecture:
    • descriptions of standing stones, castle ruins, churches
    • contextualisation with regards to historical period of construction and significance in Arthurian legend
  • art:
    • contains great number of photographs and hand-drawn maps produced by the authors
    • photographs of Celtic stone crosses and stained-glass windows
  • customs:
    • Welsh Arthurian tradition recognised as distinct from Cornish and Anglo-Norman traditions
    • local cults of Welsh saints
    • impact of Arthurian legends on placenames in Wales
  • history:
    • notes on verified historical events
    • concentration on Roman antiquity and early medieval Wales
  • literature: frequent reference to Geoffrey of Monmouth (1100-1155) and Mabinogion to illustrate particular aspects of Arthurian legends
  • territory: individual places described under aspect of Arhturian legends
  • transport: travel via caravan

Nationality of traveller

British and German

Language of publication


Gender of traveller

Male, Female

Type of publication

travel guide


Botheroyd, Paul F. and Sylvia Botheroyd. Schottland / Wales / Cornwall: Auf den Spuren von König Artus. München: Droemer Knaur, 1988. Print.