A Treatise on the Three Medicinal Mineral Waters at Llandrindod, in Radnorshire, South Wales

Name of traveller

Diederich Wessel Linden (active 1745-1768)

Reason for travel

  • medical study

Date of travel

August 1754

But I declare, I have seen, and made Trial of several Medicinal Mineral Waters, in divers Parts of Europe, and have read of many more, that have been tried by more able Hands, but as yet I have not met with any, of the same Kind, that surpass these at Llandrindod. (Linden 6)


  • agriculture: growing of barley in Llandrindod for production of a good medicinal liquor
  • diet:
    • quality of Welsh ale praised as indicative of the overall wholesomeness of the country
    • provides dietary plans for patients together with detailed descriptions of dosages for the different types of medicinal waters in Llandrindod
  • history:
    • brief sketch of the historical development of taking waters in Llandrindod
    • originally waters used almost exclusively by commoners
  • industry: identifies the prolongued exposure to coal fires and fumes in Welsh mines and smelting factories as health hazards
  • literature: recognises a lack of medical literature describing the proper use of Llandrindod's medicinal waters
  • people: identifies a Mrs. Jenkins as sole director of all the medical spas in Llandrindod and credits her with the discovery of the local sulphur springs and the re-indroduction of drinking the local saline pump-water for its restorative qualities
  • terrain:
    • description of Llandrindod and surrounding area
    • praise of the healthy air in and around Llandrindod
    • wells in Llandrindod famed for their medicinal qualities, surpassing a number of high-quality mineral waters on mainland Europe
    • description of various types of medicinal waters as curatives for a broad variety of afflictions
    • sees a distinct likeness between Wales and Switzerland in their geographical properties and the quality of mineral waters
    • includes an overview of other medicinal springs across the whole of Wales
  • compare with the author's descriptions of medicinal virtues of the wells in Holywell and Llangybi
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Type of publication

medical study


Linden, Diederic[h] Wessel. A Treatise on the Three Medical Mineral Waters at Llandrindod, in Radnorshire, South Wales with some Remarks in Mineral and Fossil Mixtures, in Their Native Veins and Beds; At Least as Far as Respects Their Influence on Water. London: W. Owen, 1756. Print.