"Tro yng Ngogledd Cymru"

Name of traveller

Taldir (François Jaffrennou) (1879-1956)

Reason for travel

  • attending the Cardiff Eisteddfod and visiting friends

Date of travel

summer 1899


  • art: contains a photograph of Taldir (François Jaffrennou) attending the Cardiff Eisteddfod, wearing his Breton costume
  • customs:
    • people in north Wales perceived as particularly welcoming, even more than in the south
    • finds in Wales a cultural model for Brittany
  • industry: visits a slate quarry and is guided underground by the manager
  • language:
    • finds spoken Welsh of poor quality and half mixed with English
    • has taught himself Welsh from a book
  • people:
    • Lionel Radiguet (1857-1936) attends the National Eisteddfod
    • visits parents of his friend Pwyntil Meirion (John Edwards), at the time art student in Paris
    • visits many people, especially poets
  • recreation: goes on a boat trip on the Menai Strait
  • transport: travels by boat, car, mine cart and train
  • compare with follow-up essay
  • compare with descriptions of the Cardiff Eisteddfod by other Breton delegates

Nationality of traveller

Breton, French

Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication

essay; travelogue


Taldir (François Jaffrennou). "Tro yng Ngogledd Cymru." Cymru 17 (1899): 221-4. Print.