"Un dro e Kembre"

Name of traveller

Youenn Olier (1924-2004)

Reason for travel

  • unknown

Date of travel


Ar pezh a sko spered ar gweladenner ez eo da gentañ an doare sevenadur broadel dibar a zo o kreskiñ a-hont. Diniver eo an embannadurioù kembraek e-keñver hor re-ni . . .. (Olier 201)


  • customs:
    • discusses religion and the Catholic church as a minority in Wales
    • most importantly, the Welsh people are kind
  • language:
    • Welsh has long been the language of religion, i.e. the people's culture
    • establishment of Welsh schools thanks to English legislation; similar development in Brittany would be impossible
    • people he meets at the City Hall in Cardiff are all Anglophone
    • discusses Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg
  • literature:
    • discusses the state of Welsh publishing and compares it to the situation in Brittany
    • quality printing produced in Wales; production of newspapers in Wales
    • discusses Welsh writing in English and compares it to Francophone literature from Brittany; mentions writer Paol Keineg (b. 1944)
  • politics:
    • thanks to a lesser degree of centralisation, Wales is in a better situation than Brittany, although nationalists in Wales are similarly confined by the worldview of the dominant language culture
    • finds that Plaid Cymru has taken root, but not yet in a powerful position to effect any change

Nationality of traveller

Breton, French

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Type of publication



Olier, Youenn. "Un dro e Kembre." Al Liamm 140 (1970): 201-9. Print.