"Une nuit dans la Cité de Londres"

Name of traveller

*Édouard Delessert (1828-1898)

Reason for travel

  • cultural tourist; leisurely travel

Date of travel

undated, ca. early 1850s

Le pont de Bangor est certainement une des constructions les plus étranges et le résultat d’une des idées les plus extraordinaires qu’on puisse imaginer. (Delessert 87)


  • architecture:
    • identifies the Britannia Bridge as junction between England and Anglesey; impressed by its size; inspects and describes the bridge in some detail
    • view of Conwy Castle from the train and believes that the castle towers may have been plundered to provide building material for a future station or club
  • clothing: pokes fun at the tall hats worn by women over their bonnets
  • terrain:
    • conflation of Wales and England
    • view of mountains of north Wales and the coast from the window of the train
  • transport: travels by train
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Nationality of traveller


Language of publication


Gender of traveller


Type of publication



*Delessert, Édouard. "Une nuit dans la Cité de Londres." Revue de Paris 20.1 (1 Jan. 1854): 82-105. Print.