"Vom Westende"

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Reason for travel

  • leisurely travel; holidaying

Date of travel

undated, ca. 1880s

Im Kamin heult der Wind, und im Nebenzimmer trägt eine sonst ganz unschuldig aussehende junge Dame . . . unerbittlich Balladen vor. Recht einladend, nicht wahr? Aber der Wind heult nicht jeden Tag und die Dame nicht den ganzen Tag, und kleine Leiden gibt es überall, doch nicht überall ist es so schön wie in Llandudno. (B. 1)


  • architecture: is glad to find sober architecture in Llandudno and beautiful cottages facing towards Conwy
  • clothing: describes typical beach fashion worn in Llandudno
  • customs: finds Welsh folk tunes melancholy
  • language:
    • gives instructions on the correct pronuncation of Llandudno and explains etymology
    • Welsh speakers praise Germans for being able to pronounce "ch" correctly
  • people: reference to the Celticist Hugo Schuchardt (1842-1927)
  • recreation:
    • Llandudno praised as perfect get-away destination from big cities in England
    • praises the quality of the air around Llandudno as a perfect combination of sea, mountain and forest air
    • watches young people collecting crabs, sea shells and sea anemones during low tide; starfish are of no interest
    • many sea bathers and beach visitors
    • minstrel and Punch and Judy shows as popular entertainment offered in Llandudno
    • observes that high season is over by the time of the present visit in September
    • most guests in Llandudno arrive from Liverpool and Wales; suspects an ancient prejudice among Londoners against visiting Wales
  • terrain:
    • descriptions of north Wales countryside as seen from the train window
    • compares Great Orme and Little Orme to a crab claw
    • frequent comparisons of Wales with similar locations in Germany and Austria
    • geographical layout of Llandudno gives the impression of an island
  • transport:
    • mode of travel: train
    • describes the train journey from London and recounts some stops on the line
    • praises the quality of the roads in Llandudno
    • a great variety of hired transportation available in Llandudno to take guests on various excursions
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B. "Vom Westende." Neue Freie Presse (16 Oct. 1886): 1-3. Print.