Voyage au Pays de Galles

Name of traveller

Daniel Saehr

Reason for travel

  • study trip abroad as holder of a Zellidja Travel Grant

Date of travel

27 July to 21 August

Barmouth est un San Francisco en miniature, qui a son “Golden Gate”, qui est le grand pont qui traverse l’estuaire de Mawddach. La route suit l’estuaire depuis Dolgelly, petit marché qui rappelle la montagne par ses maisons. (Saehr n.p.)


  • architecture: points out that Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of Wales
  • art: contains a number of photographs
  • customs:
    • together with a friend from France and his family attends an evening concert with songs in English and French
    • remarks on the touristic, cultural and economic importance of Aberystwyth for Wales as a whole
    • most Welsh villages are very attached to their past; praises Welsh patriotism
    • refers to Urdd Gobaith Cymru
  • diet: eats cow tongue for the first time in his life
  • language:
    • all inhabitants of Anglesey speak Welsh; some speak no English
    • Wales is separated from England not by a geographical border but by its language
  • people:
    • finds the Welsh people hard-working, patriotic and courageous
    • stays with a Czech widow and her daughter in Cardiff; speaks German with the mother
    • meets a journalist in Llanelli who then writes an article for the Llanelly Star about the French student
  • recreation:
    • mostly stays overnight with various people, other Scout troops or in barns and abandoned farm houses
    • swims in the cold and salty sea
    • Rhyl is a centre of tourism and mostly frequented by holidaymakers from Liverpool
  • terrain:
    • describes Barmouth as a miniature San Francisco
    • the Welsh consider Beaumaris as an English village
    • the Gower is one of the loveliest corners of Wales and looks exactly like Cornwall
    • Wales is a quiet country, especially on Sunday
  • transport:
    • modes of travel: hitchhiking
    • greatly interested in Cardiff Docks

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Type of publication

report; travelogue


Saehr, Daniel. Voyage au Pays de Galles. 1951. Rapports de premier voyage Zellidja jusqu'en 1974; 810. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris. MS.