Name of traveller

Elsemarie Maletzke (b. 1947)

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  • travel writing

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Waliser lassen jede Art von Luftfeuchtigkeit dynamisch an sich abperlen, Wie das junge Paar, das in den Berwyn Mountains Hand in Hand zum Rhiwargor Wasserfall am Lake Vyrnwy marschiert. Er trägt Bermudas und Gummistiefel; sie Keilhosen und Wanderschuhe, keinen Schirm, keine Kapuze. . . . Der Sprühregen hat ihre roten Locken zu einer wippenden Woge aufgerüscht. (Maletzke 144)


  • two short accounts of travelling though Wales against vast majority of the book which is dedicated to Scotland and Ireland
  • art: description of the Rex Whistler (1905-1944) mural in Plas Newydd Country House and Gardens, Anglesey
  • people: encounter with locals who embody Welshness in its various forms
  • terrain: dreamlike Welsh landscapes recreated by subjective style of writing
  • travel:
    • in some instances it is difficult to tell whether the author has travelled to a certain place herself or whether she presents a secondhand account
    • no real construction of the journey, but rather a reconstruction of moods and impressions
  • compare with later account about Anglesey

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Maletzke, Elsemarie. "Wales." Drei Farben Grün: Über Irland, Schottland, Wales. Berlin: Insel-Verlag, 2010. 143-55. Print.