The Herkomers

Name of traveller

Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914)

Reason for travel

  • study of landscape for painting

Date of travel

winter 1880; spring 1881

Our camp that year was a merry one. The ladies and children thoroughly enjoyed the absence of all necessity to dress up. They wore mostly waterproofs from head to foot, for Wales at that time of year is a formidable rival to Scotland for rain-power. (Herkomer 128)


  • art:
    • during this trip he arrives at the conclusion to dedicate himself chiefly to portraiture in the future
    • separate painting huts for himself and his friend
    • paints "The Gloom of Idwal" during that trip
  • people: camping at Llyn Idwal with his friend Charles William Mansel Lewis (1845-1931) in 1880
  • terrain: impressed by gloom and 'weirdness' of the mountain landscape
  • compare with descriptions in "Notes on Landscape Painting"
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Herkomer, Hubert von. The Herkomers. 2 vol. London: Macmillan & Co., 1910. 122-9. Print.