Reisen in Irland, oder: Irland in historischer, statistischer, politischer und socialer Beziehung

Name of traveller

Knudt Jungbohn Clement (1803-1873)

Reason for travel

  • en route to Ireland

Date of travel

undated, but ca. 1836

Die Schlacht von Rhuddlan mußte Wales tiefer fühlen, als irgend eine andre, denn das ganze Volk von North Wales ward dadurch erschüttert und tief gebeugt, darum ist die Musik in Morfa Rhuddlan fast so wild und tief, wie die wildeste und tiefste der Insel-Galen. Ich hörte sie von einer wälschen Harfe zu St. Asaph im Clwyd-Thal. Sie ist voll Liebe und Schmerz, worin die zarteste Trauer um das gemeinsame Vaterland vernommen wird. (Clement 157)


  • according to transcripts of the Clement papers (Öömrang Archiif 1999), the journey took place most likely in 1836
  • references to visited locations in Wales embedded into Irish narrative for reasons of ethnological, historical, sociological comparison
  • customs:
    • description and list of Welsh folk songs and practice of harp playing in north Wales
    • retells folk history attached to St Winifred's and compares the well to a Biblical setting
  • people:
    • impressed by hospitality and general friendliness of population of north Wales, especially the children
    • remarks on being always greeted on the road by complete strangers
    • Welsh guest houses and inns cheaper than those in Ireland
  • transport:
    • modes of travel: on foot
    • finds unaccompanied travel on foot across Wales much safer than in Ireland
    • no fear of being robbed on the open road, not even at night
  • compare with the author's ethnological comparison between Wales and Brittany from the same year
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Type of publication

ethnological study; travelogue


Clement, Knudt Jungbohn. Reisen in Irland, oder: Irland in historischer, statistischer, politischer und socialer Beziehung. Kiel: C. Bünsow, 1845. Print.